Remodeling in Bloomington,

Remodeling in Bloomington, IL





Remodeling in Bloomington, IL


Remodeling in Bloomington, IL

For years, the team at BJ Armstrong Custom Homes has been facilitating both large & small remodeling projects in Bloomington-Normal. Our team has years of experience and will be able to help with your next project! If you have something in mind that would work well with your family, we can come alongside of your plans and help make them a reality! If you need a little more help or inspiration designing & planning out your upgraded space, then we can help take the lead to design something that will be beautiful & functional for your family for years to come.


You can trust our team. We want the best for your family and to make you the hero when friends & family gather in your home. Let BJ Armstrong’s team help you be proud of your newly remodeled rooms!


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Home Improvement

Homeowners come to us with a variety of desires when they are inquiring about remodeling their home. Often, it’s to increase comfort & functionality throughout the home; they may want to upgrade their HVAC systems to more energy efficient models or would like to expand their kitchen and knock down a wall. Other times, they are planning to sell their home soon and want to increase the value; that one last bathroom project is something they’d rather not tackle, or the basement needs to be fully finished before they can put their home on the market. Whatever the reason, we are consistently helping homeowners with their home improvement projects to work within their budget to create a space that is enjoyable & useful for their needs.  


Remodeling Costs

One of the first questions we get asked is, “how much will this remodeling project cost?” While this is certainly an understandable question that needs to be accurately answered, it is often difficult to provide an exact number early in the project. Depending on the size of the project, home age & layout, plumbing or electrical systems, and many other factors that are sometimes discovered after the project as already begun, the costs can go up.


We do our very best to provide accurate estimates when quoting out a remodeling project, and will be very transparent with you if we discover anything that could add cost to the project; common examples include: tearing up carpet & finding structural problems or renovating a bathroom and finding old pipes that need replaced. When either of these situations happen, they are not fun for anybody, but we will work with you to come to a reasonable solution that makes sense for you and your family.


Remodeling Companies

When working with Bloomington remodeling companies, you will want to make sure they have your best interests in mind and will not mysteriously raise prices or do poor quality work. Some of the better questions we recommend asking are around costs, timeline of project, and cleanliness expectations for your home.

  1. Ask for an itemized bid – This is important so you can begin to see the costs of various portions of the project and what factors go into the final cost. If the cost is higher than you’d like, try seeing if there are more cost-effective materials to use or if you could do the project in phases to better ease the financial burden on your family.
  2. Fixed Price vs. Estimate Bid – It’s important to know the difference when looking at a quote from your remodeling contractor. As mentioned above, most contractors will provide an estimate because there are often unknowns with any project that are near impossible to predict. If you’re on a strict budget, we would recommend working with your contractor to iron out some of these unknowns to see if you can move closer to a fixed price of what to expect.
  3. References, Experience, & Prior Work – You will certainly want to make sure that whomever you’re trusting with remodeling your home that they are trustworthy, have happy former customers, and their prior work fits your desired style for your home. Ask for references, have them show you pictures or take you on a tour of previous work, make sure you feel comfortable discussing with them and not letting them push you around and pressure you into a poor decision for your family.  


Our former clients & work will tell you that BJ Armstrong Custom Homes is one of the best remodeling companies in Bloomington, IL. We are proud of our work and strive each day to help our client’s dreams succeed! If you have any questions, or would like to schedule an initial consultation with a member of our team, please click on the link below. 


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