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Remodelers in Bloomington, IL

Remodelers in Bloomington, IL

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We understand & appreciate the connection you have with your home. We at BJ Armstrong Custom Homes want you to keep that connection with your home while updating your existing space to better fit your needs.


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Selecting the right remodelers in Bloomington, IL is one of the most important steps in any home remodeling project. Choose a remodeler who has an extensive list of satisfied customers and who has been active in your community for a long time. Choose one with the experience & expertise to facilitate every step of the project to your liking. You will feel comfortable & confident that your investment into your home will be well used for many years to come.


When a team of remodelers is needed to beautify, modify, upgrade, or extend a home, they should only use the latest techniques and tools so that your space can be beautiful, functional, and exceed your expectations. 


In choosing the right remodelers in Bloomington for your project, you should feel comfortable speaking about your requirements to the remodeler. The remodeler should not see difficult requirements as problems but instead as challenges that must be overcome to fulfill the goals. When remodelers in Bloomington disregard the clients' wishes, the outcomes are usually far from what the clients imagined, and the project can turn out to be a failure. Only remodelers in Bloomington who listen can truly implement the wishes of the customers.


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BJ Armstrong is your partner for beautiful home remodeling projects in Bloomington, IL.

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Improve Your Home with Professional Remodeling


After living in your home for many years, you may have realized that your kitchen, bath, or other parts of your home need a makeover. They may be starting to show signs of wear and discoloring or your rooms could use an improvement in design or lighting to better meet your family's needs.


We understand that as time goes by, your home requires greater attention. Redesigning & improvements can bring great benefits by not only in increasing the value of your home but create more meaningful space to your family. Your children can play freely while the adults are able to retreat for relaxation. 


Why Remodel?

The biggest financial investment that you make is your home. Therefore, protecting and maintaining your investment is important to long-term financial stability. Home remodeling projects can help protect this investment. Whether updating or adding a new room to a home, remodeling projects will always result in a better home with increased function and value.


People have different reasons for undertaking home remodeling projects. These reasons usually depend on the current living arrangements and changes in family size and needs. Often, our clients desire a first-class space to entertain friends & family. They want to be able to have a great kitchen to cook in with a dining room area fit to host the largest Thanksgiving dinners.


Families grow and need of more bedrooms and space. Or perhaps you own an old home that you want to transform with more modern amenities. Whatever your motivation, professional home remodeling provides many advantages.


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Improve the Comfort of Your Home



Home remodeling puts you in control of what your home should look and feel like. Therefore, you can make your home as comfortable as you want it to be through home renovation. You can even express your individuality and personal style with your chosen design. Moreover, remodeling can improve the layout of your home to increase function, open additional space, or upgrade outdated features.


Improved Long-Term Value

It is known that home remodeling can improve your home value in the housing market. Market research shows that upgrading kitchens, bathrooms, and windows or installing a wooden deck are excellent investments that offer high returns on your home’s value. Remodeling can help your home sell faster and for a higher price or help you if you’re looking to refinance your mortgage.


Lower Maintenance and Utility Costs

Old homes often require more upkeep - therefore, updating your home can help you cut down on maintenance costs. In addition, replacing fixtures or features that are old, broken, or not performing optimally can help you save on both time and money on repairs. Moreover, old homes are not as energy efficient as new ones. Thus, upgrading your home with newer materials and products can yield significant energy savings.


Your Home Remodeling Partners

The experts at BJ Armstrong Custom Homes work hard to achieve your goals and help you realize your dreams. This means recreating your space to make it more appropriate to your needs and lifestyle. Through our high quality home remodeling in Bloomington, IL, we touch families’ lives by improving their homes. We are proud of our work, and we want you to be proud of your home. 


Let BJ Armstrong be your home remodelers for your next project. Through our philosophy of personalized home remodeling, you can have the home of your dreams by working with our expert team. A gleaming kitchen or bath awaits you through our highly effective construction processes and efficient and productive staff. 


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Creative Remodeling Team


Remodelers in Bloomington who think outside the box are the ones who can provide designs that leap out of the blueprints. These designs can be contemporary, traditional, or anything in between, but they must certainly be beautiful, functional, and in accordance with what the client requires. As remodeling projects can be invasive, good remodelers in Bloomington should also be able to keep a project plan to the letter and complete the project in a timely manner. Cleanliness in the worksite is important to many clients, and remodelers in Bloomington should also hold this virtue.


When in search of remodelers in Bloomington, you can count on the experience and professionalism of B.J. Armstrong and his team of builders. We have been active in remodeling in Bloomington since B.J. Armstrong had been consistently learning and upgrading his skills in the construction process. With formal education in the design and structural aspects of construction, the B.J. Armstrong team is a reliable team that you can rely on. We have helped many of our clients, and we are ready to take on your project as remodelers in Bloomington.


Reliable Remodelers 


Your kitchen may need an upgrade or your bathroom may be due for a remodel. Either way, you would need the services of reliable remodelers in Bloomington. Aside from being remodelers, B.J. Armstrong and his team are also professionals who can help you with any of the following:



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As your remodeler in Bloomington, we have the responsibility of building your home according to standards and specifications. Our dedication, good listening skills, and caring personality allow us to surpass our clients' expectations and build a room or home that they deserve. During the process, we enjoy building friendships, and we cherish the fact that we have contributed to the growth and nurturing of a family or any occupant of a home. Check out our designs today, or we can customize on for you once we have performed an ocular inspection of the site.


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