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Home Building Tips


Tips for Building Your Next Home


As you build your dream home, you may believe that you have thought everything through. Even though you have the best tools and minds working for your project, covering every detail of the construction process can be challenging. Furthermore, you may know exactly your needs and wants in your home, but you may find it difficult to represent your ideas through communication or through proper planning. At this point, you might be having doubts on whether you can complete the project on time and the way you want to. Have you really thought the whole thing through? You have already given much thought and consideration on what will work for you? Have you taken the time to think about the issues that may disrupt the work?




In home building, as in many things, experience in planning significantly helps. Poor planning can easily lead to some problems. When you plan on building a new home, you must consider it from many perspectives such as your current and future lifestyles. Therefore, BJ Armstrong shares some important home building tips to future homeowners, as we know that you might be confused about where to start with your project. New home construction is never a simple task. It takes many different aspects to achieve the desired result. Throughout the years, BJ Armstrong has learned many lessons in designing and building new houses. We draw from our experiences so that you too can have not only a beautiful new home but also a memorable experience in building one.


Knowing What You WantKnowing Your Needs

The foremost question should be "Why am I building this home?" Are you pouring all your personal efforts because you want to settle here? Do you want it to be an heirloom? Or are you looking to sell it in the future? In other words, how long do you plan on staying in this home? By answering these questions, you can know whether to allow provisions for family additions and many other construction considerations.


Optimal Floor Plan

Whereas the frame and foundation comprise the structural skeleton of the home, the floor plan is its heart and soul. This aspect is where you get to be creative, allowing you to configure your home's space in the most efficient manner. It also lets you build rooms that essential not only to daily living but also for your extra joys in life. This is where you can truly call your home to be your own.


Thus, proper placement of the important rooms should follow basic logic: the bedroom should be away from noise and traffic or the garage and living areas; the kitchen should be airy and accessible to the outside for when you need to bring in produce and such; or the living room should allow sufficient lighting at different times of the day. In addition, room utilization should also be considered when designing specialty rooms such as game rooms or entertainment rooms.


Off-site ConstructionBeautiful Stairs

A key to efficient work and quality outcomes is fabrication. For example, custom-made beds or bathroom cabinetry can be built at the premises of the manufacturers. It also allows an efficient plan to be implemented as you have already visualized these elements in the artist's perspective. No need to seeing shelving parts or bed frames lying around during construction.


Focus on Other Important Systems

Too often, we only consider the visual aspects of a home. We usually forget the importance of other functional systems such as plumbing and HVAC. In fact, poor design of these systems can gradually contribute to the deterioration of your new home. Therefore, it is important to consider these systems in the design of your house. For example, the right AC system can preserve the interior materials by maintaining the right air conditions.


Other Considerations

Other things to consider in building a new home include the materials to be used, the utilization of the property, the choice of builder and general contractor, and other important details. As you make your choice, you should consider your needs so that these different aspects can excellently match your requirements.


Your Personal Professional Home Builder


With BJ Armstrong, home building becomes personal. It is the only way that we can truly build your dream home. Get in touch with us today for more information about our services.

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