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Home Builders in Bloomington, IL





Home Builders in Bloomington, IL


Home Builders in Bloomington, IL

At BJ Armstrong Custom Homes, we believe in building deep relationships with each of our clients throughout the construction process. We will work with you to help design a floor plan that is perfect for your family as well as assisting in selecting light fixtures or colors that would work well together in each room. When working with a home builder in Bloomington, IL, trust the experienced team over the cheapest option. Our design & construction teams have years of experience and can help your family move into the home you’ve always dreamt of!


What It’s Like to Build with BJ Armstrong


Bloomington, IL New Construction Homes

When building new construction homes, our team pays extremely close attention to detail. We have to ensure that each home we build will have all of the amenities and features that the future homeowners desire. By doing this & thinking ahead, we are able to save time and save our client’s money by getting the job done right the first time.


We are currently developing new construction homes in both the Prairie Vista & The Trails on Sunset Lake subdivisions, both conveniently located in Bloomington. The Trails on Sunset Lake offers a 10-acre lake and a private walking trail while the homes at Prairie Vista offer some of the finest and most unique craftsmanship you will find in Central Illinois. Take a tour or schedule a showing for homes in either of these subdivisions, we would love to help out!


Luxury Home Builders

By having a dedicated design & build team, BJ Armstrong Custom Homes in Bloomington, IL is able to build some of the finest luxury homes in Central Illinois. Our clients come to us shooting for the stars in their homes and we often make those dreams a reality. From the beginning to the end of each project, we work hand in hand with our clients to ensure the home exceeds all of their expectations. Sit back and watch as we handle everything and deliver a beautiful luxury home for you and your family!


What to Ask A Potential Home Builder?

Often, we are working with families that have previously owned their home, but have never built one before. While they may be familiar with most of the ins & outs of buying a home, there is often a bit of worry over asking the right questions for making sure the decision to build your own home is right for them.


We believe that some of the best initial questions when vetting any potential home builder center around licensing, cost, and prior work. Each year, new home building companies pop up out of nowhere or move in from out of town and try to undercut the market with their prices. It could be a handyman who wants to try and build homes on the side, or a crew that moves state to state after trouble hits their work. You will want to first and foremost make sure than any home builder that you may work with is properly licensed & insured to work in both Bloomington-Normal & Central Illinois. Without this, your home may not be built to proper Illinois and McLean County standards.


Price is an important consideration as well – you need to have a good understanding of the unique costs associated with building a home in Bloomington-Normal. Whether you’d like specific energy savings features or high-end bath & kitchen fixtures, these will affect the end cost of the home and should be taken into consideration. Be as up front and honest as possible in your initial meeting about your expectations, preferences, and budget. After this initial meeting, your home builder should be able to provide you with a rough estimate reflective of what you’ve outlined as important in your future home.


We believe that prior work is extremely important. Ask your home builder to provide references of previous customers and to take you by previous work they’ve completed. Do they have good reviews online and are they well known & established in the Bloomington-Normal community? While each home’s style can be customized, do you find their previous work appealing? These are all great questions to ask yourself and your potential home builder to make sure working with them will be a great fit for your family!


We hope to be able to help you design & build a dream home for you & your family!


Feel free to call or stop by our office any time if you have any questions!

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