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With our Construction Process in Bloomington, IL, you can have the home that you have always dreamed of!



BJ Armstrong is your dream-home builder. Whether you have always wanted a log home by the lake, a Craftsman-style abode in a quiet neighborhood, or any type of home style, you can always count on the expertise of our team to bring your dreams to life. We employ a meticulous research-design-build process to determine the best style and approach for your needs or requirements and to build the best home for your needs. BJ Armstrong Custom Homes is the top builder in Bloomington-Normal, IL, and we are ready to build your dreams.





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Help from Experienced Builders


When clients come to us for ideas, we aim to give them exactly what they want. As some clients may not have any ironed out ideas for building a home from scratch, we rely on our expertise and existing designs to inspire them; and we are usually right on the money when it comes to satisfying their requirements!


We believe that the only way that we can achieve your goals is to work together. Consider us as your partner working towards the fulfillment of your dreams. We can help you whether you want to build on an existing idea that you may have or you want to have an open mind and consider many home design aspects. Our team has the experience to deal with every detail of design and construction and to address any of your concerns.


Not just a House, but a Home


We center our building process on the careful planning necessary for the creation of your dream home. On the one hand, a house is the structure where you live. On the other hand, a home is the structure where your memories are created, stored, treasured, and remembered.


The team at BJ Armstrong Custom Homes is with you every step of the way. Our experts can provide thorough explanations and precise guidance, from the selections of room sizes to the finish on the door knobs. We stand firmly in our belief that we are the consulting team on the path of your custom dream home, and that you are the leader!


Bloomington, IL Home Builders

An inspired builder in Bloomington can create beautiful structures and realize dreams. The center of the building process is an integration of careful planning and precise execution. When builders in Bloomington try to design homes, they engage in good construction practices that result in a smooth project. Whether choosing a contractor or deciding on a material, builders in Bloomington are always responsible not only for the success of the project but for exceeding the expectations of the client.


Many builders in Bloomington will have similar experiences with projects like yours, but each will have its own processes and techniques. However, it all boils down to the results. Whether the clients are satisfied not just with the home but also with the experience of constructing the home is dependent on the skills of builders in Bloomington IL, who should provide excellent services. When builders do things right, beautiful homes can be built, and clients can be satisfied with their new homes.


Professional Builders


B.J. Armstrong and his team are professional builders in Bloomington. We combine our years of practical experience with our continuing training and education about the best practices in the construction industry to offer you the best in design, structural, and business aspects of building a home. With B.J. Armstrong, your goal is within reach. We are builders in Bloomington who have constantly pleased our clients with our streamlined construction processes and smart and exquisite designs.


Our company, B.J. Armstrong Custom Homes, is composed of high-quality builders who will be with you in every step of the way. We will thoroughly explain everything and precisely guide you from the selection of room sizes to the finish on the door knobs. We are builders in Bloomington who want your input from the beginning of the project and appreciate more input along the way. We believe that we are the consulting team on the path of your custom dream home, and you are the leader!


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Allow B.J. Armstrong to be your home builder - together, we can build your dream home, and you can have the best experience with us. We can help you with any of the following:



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As your reliable builder in Bloomington, B.J. Armstrong centers his building process around the careful planning that is necessary for the creation of your dream home. A house is a structure where you will live in. However, we believe that a home is the structure where your memories are created, stored, treasured, and remembered. Our team knows this difference, and this is why we always aim for the best


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